Ansac has manufactured thermal
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Water Heaters

Our Products - Water Heaters

The JO Series Heater has been designed in such a way as to allow this flexible technology to be deployed beyond the heating of thermal oil; Ansac’s heater has a proven track record as an industrial water heater in a variety of industries.

The Ansac Water Heater’s utilise state of the art safety systems in order to prevent over-heating or inappropriate pressurisation; this includes a two stage water circulation system which significantly increases the thermal efficiency of Ansac’s heaters as well as ensuring that only a minimal pressure drop is experienced when operational.

Ansac offer the JO Series as a coil type Heater as standard, though a fire tube arrangement is available upon request with both types of heater available in sizes from 350 – 10,000KW.

Ansac’s Heater design features a fully self–contained burner system that includes the burner train and management system and is available in a range of fuels options including diesel, natural gas, LPG and Electric. The Electric heaters utilise Silicon Carbide Heating Elements.

The Heater is controlled through a user friendly, fully integrated communication interface that features smart relay logic allowing for seamless plant assimilation. Ansac can also customise a design for alternative fuels if required whilst offering high thermal efficiency leading to reduced operational costs.