Ansac has manufactured thermal
equipment for gold mining
processes for over 30 years

Thermal Oil Heaters

Our Products - Thermal Oil Heaters

Thermal oil heating can provide a constant and efficient heat input for a process without the disadvantages associated with scale build up from direct contact between the process fluids and the fired heater.

Ansac’s JO Series Thermal Oil Heater provides a simple and compact skid mounted, “plug and play” unit that demonstrates high fuel efficiency and thermal retention rates through a series of innovative design features including:

− Fire Tube or Coil Type heating
− Burner fired on gas or diesel
− Electric units utilising Silicon Carbide Heating Elements
− Primary and secondary heat exchangers
− Thermal oil expansion tank
− Integrated thermal oil pump
− User friendly control system that can be fully integrated into the plant
− This lowers the cost of the unit as well as the on-going maintenance cost of the system

The high boiling point of thermal oil will enable process systems to be readily heated to, and maintain 200’C without the need for the heater to be rated as a pressure vessel; this can significantly lower both the unit cost and the systems operating costs.