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About Ansac

Ansac was established to continue the services previously offered by South West Foundry and Carbon Services Australia Pty Ltd in the design and manufacture of specialised equipment for mining and industrial use. Ansac was established in 1988 and have been servicing customers in the industrial and mining market, with over 300 equipment installations in more than 50 countries.

Ansac is a wholly owned part of the Anergy Australia business which specialises in the development, design, manufacture and supply of quality engineered equipment for applications in the industrial and mining market. The company’s primary focus is on capital equipment for thermal processing including carbon regeneration, concentrate drying, calcinations and digestion using proprietary design. This extends to materials handling and specialised industrial machinery manufacture.

Ansac’s core competencies are in the specialised engineering fields of thermal processing which covers combustion, heat transfer, high temperature materials engineering and solids materials handling, mechanical components design and horizontal rotating elements. Coupled with extensive experience in metal fabrication, casting and machining, Ansac delivers innovation and excellence in product design and manufacture in the following key areas.

Ansac process equipment boasts an outstanding record for consistent manufacture of durable, highly operable equipment that meets or exceeds the expectations of our clients. As leaders in our field of expertise Ansac continues to establish long term partnership agreements with clients. The determination to be recognised as the supplier of choice by our valued clientele has enabled the company to maintain an edge in a highly competitive market against international organisations.

Ansac has archived a worldwide reputation for development and manufacturing equipment to meet the needs of project managers and systems operators. Its knowledge and on-going research and development program place the company at the forefront of technology in carbon reactivation.

These strengths are evidenced by Ansac’s extensive sales history across all Australian states and overseas – in countries reaching from the southernmost tip of Argentina, to northern mountains of Kazakhstan, with many Asian, European and African countries in between. Ansac strives to enhance its reputation as a market leader by constantly reviewing designs and developing new products to match technological changes and customer demands.

Why Choose Ansac

  • Over 30 years specialist industry experience.
  • Skilled and experienced team members.
  • Members of industries governing bodies.
  • All engineering and design services offered.
  • Established and reliable equipment provider.
  • Passion for quality, service & reliability.

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