Ansac has manufactured thermal
equipment for gold mining
processes for over 30 years

Vertical Reheater

Our Products - Vertical Reheater

Ansac design and manufacture a selection of vertical reheaters specifically for use in the mineral sands industry. Our flexible design is available in customisable sizes and can utilise gas, diesel or electricity in order to provide the heat source which can be up to 1000 °C for some applications.

Beyond use in the mineral sands industry, our reheaters can be utilised in order to manage the temperature of a wide range of products that have free flowing particles allowing it to cascade from the top entry feed to the bottom mounted discharge, devoid of any problematic blockages.

The units can be constructed using a variety of materials depending upon the final application and desired operating temperature; mild or stainless steel are commonly used but we can also use High Temperature Steel, such as 253MA for more demanding applications.

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