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Rotary Dryer

Our Products - Rotary Dryer

Rotary Dryers are used across a range of industries to reduce the moisture content of a variety of materials, from biomass to mineral ores.

Ansac’s Rotary Dryer benefits from all of same design efficiencies that our Rotary Kiln does, including high thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption and a reduced footprint, but has a series of unique features that differentiate this dryer from its competitors. The wide array of materials and outcomes that a dryer may need to process and provide means that the Ansac design is flexible and can be readily customised to suite our client’s needs.

With residence times varying from under 20 minutes to over an hour, rotary dryers need to be flexible; this has led Ansac to develop several design modifications that can be implemented to greater or lesser degrees dependent on the desired outcome. The Rotary Dryer has variable speed drives installed that can be used to shorten or lengthen the residence time. Ansac can also adjust certain characteristics of the heat tube, such as tailoring its length or the scroll configuration.

The Rotary Dryer has a full set of modular burners installed as standard; this allows the user to maintain complete process control whilst the burners are configured through a temperature feedback loop from the combustion chamber. The burners are sized to each job individually, ensuring that the turndown ratios are appropriate for the application.

Finally, the discharge chamber has been cleverly engineered to ensure that exhaust gasses exit the system efficiently through a separate exhaust flue and suffer no re-condensing and reabsorption; this can be a problem in some rotary dryers. The discharge chamber ensures that the exhaust gas remains in its gas phase on exit from the system via a precisely engineered thermally insulated discharge chamber arrangement.

Vast field experience has enabled Ansac to develop a strong understanding of gas management in thermal processing systems and have found that by using separate exhaust flues on the indirect Rotary Dryer is advantageous. This allows for the combustion chamber gases from the burner to be managed independently of the heat tube chamber gases and therefore minimising the gas volumes on downstream equipment. This reduction is gas volumes leads to downstream equipment, such as bag houses, often being vastly reduced in size and cost when compared to more conventional dryers freeing up valuable resources within our clients capital expenditure budgets.

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