Ansac has manufactured thermal
equipment for gold mining
processes for over 30 years


Our Products - Furnaces

The remote and unforgiving nature of gold mines across the globe mean that process equipment needs to be sturdy, robust and require minimal maintenance, Ansac have adopted this philosophy into the design and manufacture of all of its thermal processing equipment.

The TA series tilting furnace provides a flexible and robust smelting solution for mining operations of almost any size. Designed to operate effectively in the harshest of environments and developed with over a quarter of a century of industry experience, the TA Series Furnace is potentially the most efficient and operable smelting solution available to the gold room.

The TA series tilting furnaces range in size from an A100 to an A1000 crucible size with an electro-mechanical tilting process that utilises a chain drive to control the tilt. The spout experiences minimal movement during the tilt, further increasing user control and allowing for safe and efficient operation in a completely self-contained unit. In addition to increasing pour control and site safety, the efficient electro-mechanical tilt will also help to reduce labour costs and gold losses.

The TA Series furnaces have been developed to be heated using either diesel or electricity whilst keeping the equipment footprint to a minimum and have a static cascade or carousel style pouring table which provides the option of pouring gold into bullions of 500, 600, 800 and 1000oz moulds. These unique design features provide our clients with the ability to select equipment with the exact specifications that will best match the requirements of their mine site. The sturdy furnace construction also features a removable pouring spout that not only provides a smooth and efficient pour, but allows the gold room operators to replace the component that experiences the most distress during the pouring process at minimal cost.

The flexibility of Ansac’s thermal processing equipment is key to the businesses success; the TA series is no exception in this case and has been effectively deployed into other mineral sectors including platinum, silver and aluminium smelting.

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