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Ansac’s CX Series Calcining Oven has been developed through over two decades of industry experience in the design and manufacture of thermal processing equipment for the mining sector into a compact, robust and reliable Calcining Oven.

The CX Series Calcining Oven design encompasses internal refractory brick side walls and lintels that significantly increase the durability of the Oven whilst decreasing heat losses. Further durability is introduced through the use of secured heating element mountings; by increasing the strength of the elements, Ansac are able to decrease downtime or inefficiencies caused by damaged or broken elements.

Ansac’s innovative design approach has led to the implementation of electrical systems within the Oven that provide users with precise temperature control and complete accuracy throughout the drying process. The high level of design and engineering implemented into the CX Series Calcining Oven allows for accurate process data to be recorded and detailed evaluation and diagnostics to be carried out.

This fastidious attention to engineering and process detail lead to an Oven that is both robust and efficient with a proven track record of operation in some of the world’s harshest environments.

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