Ansac has achieved a
worldwide reputation for
development and manufacturing


Ansac offers its customers a complete support service with an extensive inventory of spare parts and a comprehensive service system which can reach customers in any corner of the globe. Ansac can service any requirement from a replacement seal to a complete kiln servicing; Ansac has the resources and technologies to solve any problems which may arise.

Ansac has a complete and extensive inventory of spare parts to support all of its thermal processing equipment. Ansac spares are sent ready to assemble and can fit straight into any Ansac product reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency. Customers using Ansac spares are also guaranteed the continued functioning and production levels achievable by new Ansac products.

As well as a complete spare parts inventory, Ansac can commission, service and repair all Ansac products anywhere in the world. Ansac’s commissioning service allows proper set up and installation of products and ensures they are set up to produce at their full ability. The service aspect of Ansac’s service support program ensures the continued running of Ansac products and ensures that they stay up to the Ansac standard of production efficiency. The final aspect of Ansac’s extensive service support program is the fast and complete repair of anything that may go wrong over the life of the product, as with all machinery eventually some parts will require repair or replacement and Ansac’s service technicians have been trained to identify, repair and recommission any problem which the product may experience, within a fast cost effective time frame.

Ansac also offers its customer a premium service product which includes a guaranteed number of break down repairs each year, a specified number of service trips and an extensive support coverage network in case of any issues which may arise, premium service product customers also have all essential spares kept close to site to ensure quick delivery and reduced downtime, as well as access to remote monitoring services, site operator training and manuals and instructions translated into multiple languages.

The major benefits of using the Ansac servicing and spare parts is the guaranteed reliability of the products used, the expertise of the service technicians, the reduced amount of downtime from poor production or breakdowns and the benefits of increased production and product efficiency over the life of the product.

Recently a “locked in” Ansac service contract is proving to be very popular amongst our clients. The benefits of such an annual contract are that:

  • The service Technicians will fine tune the kiln operation to ensure that maximum carbon regeneration levels are achieved (highly activated carbon sites for gold absorbing)
  • Fine tuning of combustion systems to ensure maximum efficiency (reduce fuel costs)
  • Perform preventative maintenance of minor issues before they become major maintenance repairs
  • Perform preventative maintenance to maximise kiln availability (less down time). Example: internal seal integrity and thermal analysis of combustion chamber.
  • Conduct regular competency based training to ensure all operators and maintenance staff involved with the kiln are qualified to operate and maintain the apparatus successfully
  • The opportunity to receive regular upgrades of operating software versions and mechanical component variances.

Ansac service technicians are highly trained and are experts on all Ansac products and the processes they perform, which gives them the ability to troubleshoot, identify problems and repair any faulty parts or systems which may be hampering the production or efficiency of the product. The benefits of an Ansac service technician on site can be seen as soon as the product is up and running again as they can train staff using the product and ensure maximum operational efficiency into the future, as well as providing detailed reports regarding any problems and any recommendations to stop a reoccurrence and improve future production.

For more information on Ansac after sales service, please email: or call us on +61 8 9724 9000.