Anval Ansac

Ansac’s unilateral efforts in providing dedicated service to industries that involve thermal processing equipment and bulk materials handling systems over two decades, has eased to strengthen its presence and also to expand geographically. Ansac, being a provider of high end sophisticated solutions which are well established and highly commendable, have helped the company strategically expand its business, and as a result, Anval Valves was established successfully in December 2008. Ansac’s decades of experience in the field of airlocks and feeders with its strong Australian and Italian technology have complimented Anval’s valves quality and manufacturing capability.

Anval is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of feeders and airlocks to powder and bulk materials handling industries. It is part of the Ansac group of companies, an emerging global industrial equipment manufacturer for over the past two decades.

Anval has a growing range of feeders and airlocks to meet even the most demanding of applications. The company prides itself on using simple and elegant design solutions to provide what customers need to meet their performance requirements. Our innovative streak and our focus on job performance is our strength.

While powder and bulk materials handling is a problem common to many industries, their materials are not. From simple pellets to irregular lump coal, from sticky and stringy biomass to abrasive alumina, Anval’s in- house engineering team has provided solutions.

Our core product ranges to meet a variety of feeding, airlocking or isolation duties include:

• Rotary Valves
• Dump Valves
• Slide Gate Valves