Furnace Supplementary Equipment


Ansac’s new Silicon Carbide Crucible has been designed and developed specifically to increase the efficiency TA Series Furnace whilst keeping operating costs at a manageable level. Silicon Carbide Crucibles have a refractive index that is greater than that of diamond, a high thermal conductivity and low expansion coefficient. This leads to an outstanding thermal shock resistance which can, when combined with the stable pouring motion of the TA Series Furnace, provide a longer and more consistent service life for each crucible.
Ansac’s crucibles have a proven record of performance at mine sites across the globe, are competitively priced and readily dispatched through our worldwide sales network.

Ceramic Cement

Ansac utilise premium composite cement that is capable of withstanding the extreme temperatures found in and around the furnace during mineral pours to line and insulate the equipment. Our ceramic cement is highly resistant to shocks and abrasions, helping to extend the operating life of the TA Series furnace.