Supplementary Equipment

Fibre Blanket

The majority of Ansac’s thermal equipment is insulated with Ceramic Fibre Blanket; this greatly reduces heat loss and increases thermal efficiency whilst keeping the weight of the equipment to a minimum by avoiding the use of thermal brick lining. The blanket is applied in layers of varying density and secured using a combination of pins and clips, the dexterity of the method is such that Ansac are able to apply thicker or thinner insulation where it is most appropriate.

Ansac’s Ceramic Fibre Blanket can be used for the relining of not only most Ansac thermal equipment, but also a wide range of equipment made by other manufacturers.

Screw Conveyor

The Ansac Screw Conveyor has been developed with a focus on the management of spent activated carbon in the mining industry but has been shown to be highly flexible in its ability function efficiently in a variety of applications. Available in almost any size, the Screw Conveyor is made to each client’s specifications meaning that it can be successfully tailored to almost any industry or throughput. The Ansac Screw Conveyor also has the option of being fitted with a water cooled jacket for products that need indirect or gentler cooling.

Bucket Elevator

Ansac’s chain driven bucket elevator has been developed out of a need from our clients for the ability to manage their process by utilising the vertical space within a confined footprint. The Bucket Elevator is, as with all Ansac equipment, designed and manufactured to the highest standard and is available in a selection of sizes and throughputs.

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