Guyana Successful Delivery and Commissioning

image-8-smallAnsac is proud to always get the job done and there is no greater feeling to a job concluded well when you gain the added satisfaction of a delighted client. Therefore subsequent to the successful commissioning of the Ansac Kiln, elution heater, furnace and calcing oven in 2015 Ansac was asked to attend the site for further staff training and to conduct a regular service of the installed equipment.
The Ansac equipment included a number of enhanced continuous improvement features especially associated around the de-watering aspects of the regeneration kiln. The Senior metallurgist at site was thrilled with the visit and recently said,’ Our carbon regeneration levels are significantly better these days at 95% and after this last service we have been able to achieve greater strip efficiencies from the elution heater.
Ansac has in recent years bolstered its continuous improvement agenda with the addition of seasoned engineers from the minerals industry and upgrades to it stable range of products. These improvements initiated in many cases by valuable feedback from our clients has helped Ansac installations achieve greater uptime and improved ease of maintenance.
If you would like to learn more about these new features then please contact Ansac at