Ansac Kiln Celebrates 30 Year Birthday

It is often said back in the ‘good old days’ when referring to things that were made to last. That may well be true for a carbon regeneration kiln operating in Western Australia. Ansac has been designing and manufacturing kilns since the early 1980s and it’s always a pleasure when we come across one of our kilns operating over these three decades.

Just such a kiln is still going strong at Carbon Management Solutions in Kalgoorlie and is producing regenerated activated carbon consistently above 85% activation after nearly 30 years in service. The kiln is our early model utilising gas burners in a standard indirect heated arrangement with a rotating heat tube. Rob McKenna the owner of CMS says ‘I am delighted that this kiln is still performing for us and producing high grade regenerated carbon for CMS’s clients” McKenna is based in the centre of Kalgoorlie and assists many sites by regenerating their activated carbon rather than at their own sites. He further added, ‘This is an important part of our business and therefore we demand good performance from our regen kiln, Ansac has certainly delivered that’.

Ansac’s field representative for the Gold Fields of Western Australia, Ben McArthur is a regular visitor to CMS and supports many of Ansac clients in the vicinity. McArthur commented ‘ It’s great to see when one of kilns is well maintained and operated you are able to get decades of consistent performance from the unit. ’ McArthur also explained; ‘The best operated kilns he views regularly are the ones that are cared for at site in combination with a regular Ansac services.’
We look forward to celebrating the kilns 30th anniversary later this year and see it go strong into its fourth decade of operation.