Mercury Retort

Our Products - Mercury Retort

Ansacs range of mercury retorts offer a compact and robust solution that ensures the safe and efficient removal of mercury from process fluids whilst catching the extracted foulant, preventing its escape into the environment.

At the heart of the Ansac retort technology is a fully sealed, electrically heated oven that ensures all processed gases travel through the inclined condenser to the ‘catch pot’ section of the retort.  The oven is regulated via an on-board control unit that maintains the sealed environment at temperature set points in excess of 700C.

The volatised mercury gases then travel through a chilled water cooled condenser and into a catch pot arrangement.  The mercury gases are condensed here and can be safely removed via a portable catch pot.   The remaining gases are then passed through an activated carbon filter prior to the vacuum pump and then safely in to the atmosphere.

Gas sample points are designed into the apparatus to ensure accurate monitoring can occur to verify the effectiveness of the unit.

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