Ansac Deliver Site Performance Improvements

Ansac supplied a TA300 Furnace for gold smelting to a major Northern European gold mining operation in 2001; the furnace was successfully commissioned and has now been in operation for over 12 years. However, the miner recently contacted Ansac citing some concerns over the performance of the furnace and requested a visit from one of our team of Service Technicians.

It appears that the performance of the furnace on site had lost significant efficiencies through lack of appropriate servicing; the smelt time was way above industry standard and the crucibles were experiencing severe wear, achieving only 1-3 pours per crucible.

Ansac worked quickly with the miner in order to get a technician to site and to start resolving the core issues affecting gold production. Working closely with our clients own Metallurgists and Gold Room Operators, Ansac’s service technician was able to resolve the issues being faced on site and greatly improve the efficiency of the furnaces performance.

The smelt time has now been reduced by 64% and the crucibles are achieving a 5 fold increase in pours per cycle. The client has been extremely impressed with the improvements in performance at the site, commenting that “we never imagined we could get 11 pours from one crucible compared to the 3 pours achieved in the past”.

Ansac have since recommended using our own range of crucibles with the TA Series Furnace, believing that even greater performance efficiencies and higher pour counts can be achieved. The client has placed a small order of these crucibles in order to run their own trials and we hope to be able to report on this when the trials are complete.