Ansac announces new business divisions

Over many years Ansac has manufactured quality equipment for the minerals and energy sector and in many cases developed quality products for a large range of different applications and environments. A long history of inventiveness and a capability of solving companies’ individual problems has meant that Ansac has developed a very wide range of quite distinct products.

In a move to streamline the business offerings Ansac this week announced the division of its operations into four distinct areas.

Ansac Gold 300 px
Ansac Gold offers products and services related to gold mining sector. Ansac has a long history of manufacturing Carbon Regeneration Kilns for gold mines employing carbon curcuits. Additionally Ansac can offer its JO series Elution Heaters, Calcining Ovens and TA Series Furnaces to complete the offering of all the thermal equipment required in such plants.

Ansac Industrial 300 px
Ansac Industrial offers a range of thermal equipment for various industrial applications. Leveraging the long and inventive history of the company these products include vertical reheaters, carbon reactivation plants, industrial dryers, thermal mineral reactors, hot water heaters, screw and chain conveyors. Ansac Industrial represents the back log of many industrial designs that Ansac has developed over its 25 year history; a testament to the long term ability for Ansac to develop a custom solution for a thermal application that doesn’t have an off-the-shelf solution.

Ansac Scientific 300 px
Ansac Scientific represents a newer division of the company that involves the manufacture of custom laboratory scale thermal equipment for research or piloting purposes. Servicing the gap in the market for small scale but industrially sophisticated equipment Ansac will design bespoke solutions so that the exact research parameters can be achieved.

Ansac Energy is the new and exciting technology that has been developed in conjuntion with our sister company Anergy. The deliver of small scale turnkey waste to energy plants is a new and growing sector and the Anergy High Temperature Pyrolysis technology is cutting edge for the delivery of renewable, baseload power plants in the range of 1-10MWe. The core of the Anergy process is Ansac’s pyrolysis kiln which is the culmination of many years of design and testing within Ansac.

All of the divisions are supported by the global Ansac Support team which provides assistance, commissioning, service and spare parts for all of the divisions.

For more information about the new divisions please contact or else keep an eye on the website for further information releases.