Specialist Crucible Division

Here at Ansac we believe in continuously pushing the business forward and striving toward excellence in both our product offering and customer service packages. By maintaining close working relationships with our clients, we are able to learn, improve and grow our business to better meet their needs.

Ansac Crucible

Following feedback from a broad range of clients, we have now created a new division within the business focussed entirely on the development, supply and on-going site support for crucibles. Ansac’s new Crucible Division is able to draw from over 25 years of industry experience in the field of metals smelting and is backed by a team of highly experienced professionals who have worked on mine sites across the globe.

At the heart of our new Crucible Division is the latest range of Silicon Carbide Crucibles that have been designed and developed specifically to:

• Increase the smelt efficiency via excellent thermal transfer
• Reduced operating fuel costs for the installed furnace
• Provide extremely high thermal stress tolerance
• Prolong crucible lifespan increasing the number of pours

Ansac believe that we are able to reduce your crucible costs and energy consumption, backing this up with dedicated service support from the team that designs and builds the furnaces in which these crucibles are used.

For more information on Ansac’s crucible range, please contact [email protected]