Ansac Gold

Ansac Gold 300 px

Ansac has manufactured thermal equipment for gold mining processes for over 30 years. Such experience in the sector means that Ansac has unparalleled designs for any thermal requirements that are needed in a gold mine.

CIP/CIL processes utilise activated carbon as a medium for the adsorption of gold. Over time, however, the carbon will lose activity due the build up of organic and inorganic foulants on the carbon surfaces. Poor carbon management can substantially affect the yield of gold and can mean that valuable gold is dispatched out to tailings rather than being extracted.

Ansac has an un-matched degree of experience in dealing with thermal solutions in the gold market and can match all of the key requirements of a typical process plant including elution heaters, carbon regeneration systems, bullion furnaces and drying or calcining ovens. 

Ansac can offer standalone equipment or package systems for both Anglo and Zadra type elution systems. With 30 years of experience and equipment in more than 50 countries, Ansac offers the most cost effective and best supported solution on the market.

Our typical supply options are: